Not for Profit

Being Aware

Not-for-profit organisations exist to serve community purposes and use their surplus funds to pursue their goals and key purpose. In furthering their objectives, a not-for-profit organisation may engage in business activity and may employ paid workers, contractors, suppliers as well as volunteers. As such, WHS compliance is a priority for all of a not for profit organisation’s workers (including contractors and volunteers). They all have a right to a healthy and safe place to work. This includes making contractors and volunteers aware of standard safety protocols, conducting WHS training, and ensuring they have the appropriate checks, qualifications and insurances.

Managing the Contractors, Suppliers and Volunteers

Not-for-Profit organisations may need to manage the compliance requirements of not only contractors and suppliers, but also volunteers who provide them with a wide range of services. It is challenging to have a consistent process to manage this across their various sites and temporary locations.

  • How does the organisation ensure that their contractors, suppliers and volunteers meet minimum compliance criteria such as security checks, qualifications and insurances
  • How do volunteers know which contractors meet the organisations minimum criteria and hence can engage them?
  • Are currently engaged contractors and suppliers compliant with the organisations minimum requirements?
  • Does the organisation have an effective corporate induction process for contractors, suppliers and volunteers? Is there a site speciofic induction

BNG Support for Not-for-Profit Organisations to meet the Challenge

BNG Conserve™ can assist Not-for-Profit organisations to meet the above contractor compliance challenges by requesting, collecting, validating, storing and maintaining all prequalification information and documents as per the organisation’s unique and specific criteria. This information and documentation is available to authorised representatives to access and review online.

Conserve™ sends automatic email reminders to contractors to refresh these documents when they are approaching expiry, assisting them in their ongoing compliance with the organisation’s minimum criteria.

Our Specialist Support Team will work with contractors and suppliers to ensure their prequalification and accreditation is simple and efficient with minimal effort or resources from the organisation.

What our clients say

  • “BNG Conserve™ has helped to meet our need of improving contractor management, improved efficiency and improved safety systems to meet AS4801.”

    David Rogers – Property & Sustainability Manager, Warrigal

  • “It is essential for our organisation that the contractors we engage have the appropriate insurances, qualifications and safety systems. Conserve™ allows us to ensure this.”

    Jared Carter, Senior Supply Chain Analyst – Chubb Fire & Security

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In a highly competitive market place, a pool of prequalified, compliant contractors is a highly valuable asset to any business.