Facilities Management

Facilities management often involves the administration of a mix of buildings and grounds that vary in design, age, quality and purpose

The diversity of building types and their surrounds presents a challenge because their management may require a range of different contractors to be engaged. Australian WHS legislation requires organisations to provide a safe work environment for all workers (including contractors and suppliers).

Managing the Contractors and Suppliers across different sites and facilities

Contractor management is the process of managing the contractors and suppliers that are engaged to work at your different facilities ranging from cleaning, construction, gardening through to general maintenance. Having a consistent approach for this function across various sites and facility types can prove difficult.

How do you ensure that the contractors you engage meet the minimum criteria regarding security checks, qualifications and insurances? Do currently engaged contractors remain compliant with these minimum requirements? Do you have an effective induction process? Is it specific for the location they will be attending?

Meeting these contractor management requirements can be particularly challenging for facilities management companies due to number of sites under management, as well as the many different types of contractors engaged.

Contractors are pre-qualified, inducted and signed in or out of a particular facility

BNG Conserve™ can assist ‘Facility Managers’ to meet the above contractor compliance challenges by requesting, collecting, validating, storing and maintaining all prequalification information and documents as per the site’s or organisation’s unique and specific criteria. This information and documentation is available to authorised representatives to access and review online.

Our Specialist Support Team will work with contractors and suppliers to ensure their prequalification and accreditation is simple and efficient with minimal effort or resources from facilities management.

Conserve™ will also send automatic email reminders to contractors to refresh these documents when they are approaching expiry, assisting them in their ongoing compliance with the site’s minimum criteria.

Site Specific Inductions can be easily and efficiently carried out via the Conserve™ App from any mobile device. This means that contractors and suppliers can be inducted and ‘signed in’ onsite on arrival and ‘signed out’ on leaving.


What our clients and contractors say

  • “It is essential for our organisation that the contractors we engage have the appropriate insurances, qualifications and safety systems. Conserve™ allows us to ensure this.”

    Jared Carter, Senior Supply Chain Analyst – Chubb Fire & Security

  • “BNG Conserve™ has helped to meet our need of improving contractor management, improved efficiency and improved safety systems to meet AS4801.”

    David Rogers – Property & Sustainability Manager, Warrigal

  • “Conserve has allowed us to optimise our contractor management processes, by providing an always available system that effectively prequalifies our contractors and suppliers and ensures they remain compliant during the period of their engagement.”

    Mark Hutchings, Group WHS & Workers’ Compensation Manager – Sell and Parker


    Sell and Parker
  • “Carmen & Alex were very helpful and supportive on helping d &a Irrigation getting all the required documents together for Certification. Really appreciate the support. Thanks Ladies”

    David Horton, D&A Irrigation – Director/Owner

    D&A Irrigation
  • “It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with you during our setup and maintenance of staff onto BNG contractor services database. I’ve really appreciated your assistance and efficiency”

    Deanne Porch – The Flagstaff Group

    The Flagstaff Group
  • “BNG Conserve™ consistently delivers our business with management tools & resources which provide our clients with the assurance that our legal obligations are being met and maintained at a level that would impress any of the ASX 100 companies.”

    Raffi Evanian, Managing Director – Driveways2u

  • “I have been very satisfied with the service provided by BNG Conserve™ and would recommend it to any company, big or small, to keep on top of all the insurances, paperwork etc required to run a business.

    Thank you for your service.”

    Michelle Marland – Craig Marland Plumbing Services

    Craig Marland Plumbing Services

See why Conserve™ is best at Contractor Compliance – Let us do the heavy lifting

In a highly competitive market place, a pool of prequalified, compliant contractors is a highly valuable asset to any business.